Welchen Plattenspieler verwendet Ihr?

  • Im großen und ganzen gefällt mir der Dreher, was für mich gar nicht geht ist das Textlogo auf dem Dreher.

    Thorens 124 / II mit Ortofon MC 3 Turbo

    Lehmann Black Cube SE II

    NAD M3

    Moon Neo 260 D

    Dynaudio Exite X 18

    PWM Nessie Vinylmaster

    Sennheiser D 800 Kopfhörer

  • Hallo Ludwig, der LP12 sieht für mich etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig aus.

    Ja Jörg,

    deswegen wollte ich ihn ja. :)

    Einschraublöcher und so. Ist halt die Zarge vom HighlandPark_ Faß.

    Die Dame des ursprünglichen Malt_Kenner und Besteller wollte ihn auch nicht.

    Für mich hat das was.


    NPV*3012R*T100*SPU Classic, Meister, Meister silver, A95.*LP12.Akurate* Zarge, HighlandPark AT 760SLC.*DynaControl*.*DynaWatt

    *Jadis JA 15 *

    *Phonomaster*.*Quad ESL57 Qa*. * Frankonia * what else

  • Good morning Analog-forum,

    picture of my turntable + rest-of-the-set.

    Not in the picture are the air compressor for the air-bladders (dampening & levelling) and the air bearing of the platter.

    Regards, Reinout

  • Hello Reinout,

    is it diy or a Caeles table?



  • Good morning Michel,

    it's a combination of an official Caeles and a lot of DIY....

    I met Stephan (originator of the Caeles) at the ETF (= European Triode festival) some years ago and we are in close contact since. He saw/heared my large TB3/1000 power amplifier at the ETF2017 (https://www.gecom-technologies.com/blog/?p=535) and he wanted that subtle power house. But what to ask in return as at this DIY-level prices become blurred. We settled at an audiophile solution: he got my 400 kgs of amplifier and in return i should receive 400 kgs of Caeles. Fun at an insane level !

    So currently he uses my former amp (and improving it ! the learning contious) and i received a really over-the-top Caeles. Not in looks, that's rather "Industrial", but certainly in performance.

    And just as Stephan is fully entitled to modify his amp; i'm tinkering with his brainchild. Of course we swap our experiences improving our audio set.

    Again: i asked Stephan to go all out on performance. Looks being not even a second priority....

    My Caeles arrived:

    - with a much lower centre of gravity for the platter than the "standard". This way the construction is more stable (at rotation).

    - double bladders for dampening and vertical levelling. Standerd these bladders are single-action.

    - modified motor-unit and battery power supply.

    - different/heavier materials on specific locations compared to the standard.

    It worked great but as a DIYer there is always room for improvement:

    - serious extensive pneumatics. I heared that some air bearing users make use of airbrush-compressors. That will not do as these compressors do not have the required duty cycle, will get hot, will smell, do not have the correct air-filtering for the (expensive) air bearing. That Eitzenberger air bearing is a charm; you should take care of it.

    - added a secondary/external axle. So the platter is not under constant strain/tension of the drive belt. The drive belt runs between the motor pulley and that external axle with the platter simply in between. Just like a turntable with several motors on all sides releving that axle from stress.

    - added some oil dampeners. The Caeles channels all possible energy to a subframe and in essence that is enough. But there is a chance that minute resonances "escape"; these oil dampeners will take care of that. Just like all mass-turntables they tend to store energy (which can be heared being "nervous"). Not with the oil dampeners.

    So currently my turntable is in essence a Caeles; a mighty turntable from the start. But i added some features which improved the performance. I think my add-on's will never see the commercial light because no sane user wants to have oil dampeners, external secondary axes, etc.....

    And of course the hobby continous. Just added a vacuum platter that holds the vinyl on the Caeles.

    Pictures included.

    - green arrow leads to the vacuum motor

    - orange arrow leads to the battery power supply for the motor unit

    - light blue arrow leads to the motor unit itself

    - purple arrows leads to the oil dampeners

    - red arrow leads to the external/secondary axle (or the pneumatic switchboard on another picture)

    Keep on spinning !

    Regards, Reinout

  • Hello Reinout,

    first of all, many thanks for sharing this project! Very interesting as I aleady had an eye on that table since it was in conception. Since then it was a turntable which I identified as "no compromise" yet. Nice to see that you managed to further improve it.

    Hopefully you will keep us posted with your progress.



  • Good afternoon Michel,

    glad to be of service. If i scan through this forum i note numerous very interesting audio-components/sets.

    The (standard) Caeles is a superb performer on its own ! I'm just a nutcase who likes to tinker to get that last possible promille of performance out of it. That means most of the time i'm into non-commercial territory……

    It's just like tinkering to a Ferrari or Bentley. These fantastic cars really don't need it.....but still there are people doing it. Why: trying to exceed the standard performance and to personalize it.

    ((by the way: i'm driving a Skoda....))

    With the turntable i'm settled at the moment; no plans ahead. My new project will possible be a new loudspeaker. Probably i have to sell my current Feastrex D9NF to make some cash available.

    Does somebody have a Pass Labs XVR1 for sale ?

    Regards, Reinout

    (included some pictures of my latest pride and joy: a DIY preamp using Philips MRO PT8 tubes)(but i guess i should post that in a different thread ?)


    • DSCN1789.JPG

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  • Hello Reinout, have seen many elaborate turntables (oil rigs), but with your player you surpass everything I have come across, respect.

    ... obviously you live alone :):):)8o8o8o

    Many Greetings Martin

    TR ZET3 + 80mm Teller + TMR (Magnet Drive) + Konstant FMD + 2-Motoren

    TR5009 (SME309) mit LYRA DELOS sowie Jelco TK-950L (12") mit KISEKI BLUE N.S.

    OCTAVE HP700 mit Übertrager PhonoPre-Einschub + OCTAVE RE320 + SBB

    B&W 800D3

  • Puuuh, ja...optisch könnte man auch "raumgreifend" als Begriff nenen...um mal neutral zu bleiben:)

    Und was die Platine Verdier angeht...verchromter Dolendeckel auf ne Roh-Messing Scheibe gelegt und dann zusammen auf ne 50er Jahre Kunstmarmor Bodenplatte gelegt...optisch find ich das...naja...klingen tut das sicherlich himmlisch, allerdings glaube ich nicht, dass bei dem Entwurf auch nur ein Minimum Faktor "Wohnlichkeit" eine Rolle spielte...8o

    Musikmaschinen: Pro-Ject Xtension 10 / Benz ACE SL, Aikido MC Preamp,Musical, Fidelity M5si,Visaton AtlantisMKII/Weichen von "Kalle Mk II"+viel/ lautes Gitarrenzeugs, Studiogerümpel ...-Dauertinnitus wegen Rock`n Roll^^

  • ne 50er Jahre Kunstmarmor Bodenplatte

    solche Platten habe ich gerade aus dem Garten gebuddelt und in den Container befördert. Hätte ich gewusst, dass man damit so etwas bauen kann.

    Platine Verdier, tut den Ohren gut, den Augen weh

    war früher so ein Spruch oder so ähnlich.^^;)



    "Pokal oder Spital"

  • Zu der PV sag ich nichts 🤐. Aber ich finde ein PS Laufwerk sollte zumindestens etwas Archaisches haben, wenn ich wohnlich will kaufe ich keine Schallplatten sondern Sonos.

    DULFER 80

    Looking Back to the Future


  • Tja die PV könnte ich mir gut in meinem SM-Keller vorstellen!

    Und dann gleich die passenden Platten auflegen zB. Deutsches Kunstlied im 19.Jh. oder Neue Musik!:)


    Aber ich finde ein PS Laufwerk sollte zumindestens etwas Archaisches haben

    Sowas vielleicht?;)