Question about Omtec Antares CP-1 dip switches

  • Hello Dave,

    first of all, please check the other components in your equipement. Do you have the same distortions

    with other sources ? (tuner, CD, etc.)

    If not, i guess anything is working wrong with your Antares. With my own V2 I have had the same indications. 250.- later ( repair) it works perfect !

    regards Wolfgang

  • This can be the result of many different things (antiskating, tracking force, input gain of (pre)amplifier behind the Omtec). Maybe there is a damaged component inside of one of your devices after your try and error. Main question - how does it sounds at all, except the little distortion?

    It sounds good, very clear and clean sound with some more bass than i used to have. I think that antiskting, tracking forse or even azimuth could be the problem too. It's possible that with this Omtec I just hear more faults than on/threw the Musical Fidelity and maybe this situation was always present.

  • And what was wrong with yours if i may ask? And who did the repair? I read that this mysterious Mister Baier isn't there anymore...

  • I just did some closer look to the left rca port and noticed that the inner tube on the left side is a bit more in the front than the right connector, that lays deeper. Could that be the problem, and does anybody know how i can fix this myself?