PTP Audio Solid 12

  • I have a PTP Solid 9 with the Upgraded Bearing. It is set up with a

    Audiomods Series Five Micrometer and a Hana SL.

    Before purchasing a PTP Solid Nine, I worked out the cost of building one from scratch using the kit parts available.

    My first question was how savvy am I at taking on such a task.

    My second question was what level of finish I wanted the TT to have aesthetically.

    My costing were approximately

    PTP and Bearing £500

    Donor GL75 £200-250

    Plinth £ 200 - 400 ( Depending on Materials and Finishing )

    Support with Electrics and Technical issues £150

    With a projected build cost of about £1100 and a resale value of about

    £500-600, evaluated after assessing sale histories, I felt it was better to go for a used PTP.

    At the time of a sale, would a Buyer trust me as a builder, I think not, so a asking price will be dismissed by a vendor, probably looking for Parts value minus what ever suits their requirement, so a 50% reduction seems the common paid price.

    I have a branded PTP TT, that is a used model when purchased, it has a healthy following, it is not subject to the critical analysis of a DIY PTP, and I am sure will only lose a small amount, if any, at the time of a resale.

    With a Stand Alone Tone Arm Pod, it can quite easily function as a 9" and 12" TT.

  • But how does it sound? :(

  • To my ears in my system it sounds very good.

    I have been a 401 owner and am a DD owner.

    I think it would do even better with my SME IV on it, or my rebuilt AT-1010 especially with the Holistic Audio Upgraded Rebuilt Kontrapunkt b.

    Others who have heard it, one individual who has many GL75's and has done extensive work on the GL75 as well as the Garrard 401 thought it sounded very good. This person is informing me they are able to get a

    GL75 in a Plinth running quiet on a Stethoscope.

    Another visitor who has a Mitchell Orbe, was very impressed by the SQ,

    claiming that one track on a album they brought was the best they had ever heard it.

    There is now a 12V DC motor conversion available on Lenco Heaven.

    This new design is getting quite a bit of attention, I may consider it myself, once I get the reviews of the early purchasers assessed.

    From my point of view how good it sounds is very subjective, one listener can be prejudiced against the drive mechanism and not give it fair lore, another might just hear one track not connect emotively like on another occasion with another TT, so develops a prejudice.

    Another might be in awe of the SQ as it is a complete new sound that is very much to their liking.

    For me it holds it own with the best of the Idlers, and delivers differently to the DD turntable. I have not experienced both with the same Tonearm and Cartridge.

  • Hallo John G.

    I can follow your example well with the listing of the do-it-yourself costs and the price for a finished Solid 9.

    And thank you for your testimonial .

    Hallo in die Runde:

    Mittlerweile tut sich ja ein wenig in Bezug auf mein ursprüngliches Thema "Erfahrungsberichte zur Solid 12" , einen Erfahrungsbericht habe ich per PM erhalten und John G hat über seinen Solid 9 berichtet. Vielleicht kommt ja noch mehr ?

    DANKE :)

    Ich werde, wenn ich mich denn für den Solid 12 entscheiden sollte, natürlich dann hier ausführlich darüber berichten.

    Gruß aus DO


  • Hallo Willy,

    ich hatte mich auch für einen PTP9 interessiert und habe einfach Peter Reinders angeschrieben, wo ich denn mal einen PTP solid in Augenschein nehmen könnte.

    Peter hat mir dann einen Kontakt in Köln vermittelt. Ich habe dann ein flüssiges Mitbringsel unter den Arm geklemmt und konnte so einen PTP12 ausgiebig anschauen und anhören. Einen Versuch ist es Wert.



  • Hi W.B.

    danke für den Tipp.

    Mittlerweile hatte ich auch schon Kontakt mit Peter und er will mal schauen ob es eine ähnliche, wie von dir beschriebene Möglichkeit, auch für mich gibt.

    Musiklaischen Gruß