SHAKTI NEWS: 3x ALLNIC Röhren Phono Pre in der DEMO!

  • Nach längerer Wartezeit sind nun alle neuen ALLNIC Röhren Phono Geräte in Deutschland erhältlich!

    Somit kann ich nun in meinem Hörraum zwischen den folgenden Allnic Phono Pres wählen:

    ALLNIC H- 5500 UVP 4.350,- eur

    The H-5500 replaces the outgoing H1202 with a number of significant improvements. Firstly it sports an all aluminum chassis. Gone is the stubby taller fascia of its predecessor and now we have a wider smarter look, more in keeping with its elder siblings and the new OTL/OCL preamps.

    Like all Allnic Audio products, the H5500 uses Permalloy (iron and nickel alloy) for its transformer cores. As per it’s predecessor and indeed the original H1200, it employs four NOS E180CC twin triode tubes from the days of early computing, a staunch and highly robust choice that simply can’t be improved upon and which is much favoured by Kang Su Park.

    Like the 1202, this new preamp also uses a 7233 voltage regulator tube and a 5654 for voltage correction in a far superior tube power supply. A pure class A design with no negative feedback it offers 278Ω, 117Ω, 69Ω, and 29Ω loading settings, selectable from the chassis mounted rotational pots, each of which is tied to a specific gain factor. Soft start function, a convenient mute switch and single ended input and output connectivity at the rear complete the specs.

    Functionality has also been improved; the H5500 offers users dual MC and dual MC inputs so up to four cartridges can be accommodated at any one time. The fascia has also been adorned with Allnic’s famed power meter, normally reserved for more expensive products. The meter is very useful in indicating and quickly diagnosing tube replacement or failure.

    On the sonic side there is of course a host of significant developments over the previous H1202. First of all the power transformer has been upgraded and the unit has also been furnished with the same step up transformers from the H7000 and flagship H8000 !

    Build quality and finish is also up to the usual very high standard we have come to expect from Mr. KS Park. Available in silver or black. 2 year warranty on all Allnic Audio Products , 1 year on factory supplied tubes.

    The H-5500 uses the same NOS tube set as its predecessor, the H-1202, but in a more feature and value packed chassis. The H-5500 sports:

    • two pairs each of MM and MC inputs
    • Mu-metal shielding to increase SNR
    • a power supply capacity double that of the H-1202 for more drive, better bass and better balance across the full frequency range
    • a current meter for monitoring tube status
    • larger, heavier and more solid aluminum casework that is more resistant to vibration
    • High-quality, NOS E180CC twin triode tubes
    • CR type RIAA equalization, precisely compensated within +/- 0.3 dB
    • Automatic, all tube voltage regulation circuit, ensuring exceptionally stable and quiet operation
    • High quality Moving Coil (MC) Step-up Transformers with Permalloy cores
    • MC transformers with variable gain (+22dB, +26dB, +28dB and +32dB)
    • No negative feedback design
    • Pure Class A operation


    ALLNIC H-6500 UVP 7.900,- eur

    Das Gerät ist so neu, dass es auf der Allnic homepage noch keinerlei Informationen dazu gibt. Entsprechend werde ich die Daten nachreichen. Vom ersten Augenschein kann ich sagen, dass die H-6500 weit näher an der H-7000 ist, als an der H-5500. So ist zB das externe Netzteil vom ersten Eindruck her identisch, zumindest ist es im selben schweren externen Gehäuse. Wie bei Allnic üblich können wieder 5 Tonabnehmer angeschlossen werden, 2x MM und 2x MC sind vorhanden. Der verbaute ÜT ist der Allnic Standard ÜT, der auch bei den grossen Allnic Phono Presse im Einsatz ist, separat ist dieser auch erhältlich und liegt dann bei 2300,- eur . Der in Deutschland kommunizierte Preis wurde als "Einführungspreis" bekannt gegeben, in der italienischen Preisliste steht das Gerät bereits zu 9400,- eur. Kann mir vorstellen, dass dieser Preissprung in D auch bald ansteht, das Gerät kommt der H-7000 einfach sehr nah.


    ALLNIC H-7000v UVP 17.500,- eur

    Die 7000'er Allnic ist wohl die bekannteste Phonovorstufe von Allnic, ist diese doch bereits in vielen Testberichten begeistert als "die beste" Phonovorstufe der Welt beschrieben worden. Die Begeisterung kann ich durchaus teilen, insofern hat sich die H-7000v zu meinem privaten Favoriten entwickelt, es macht einfach sehr viel Spass mit dem Gerät Musik zu hören !

    The H-7000V, Allnic’s wildly popular transformer coupled LCR phono stage, is an upgraded version of the H-3000, the phono stage that won the hearts of hundreds of audiophiles worldwide. The H-7000V differs from the H-7000 in that the H-7000V incorporates LCR Multi-curve Equalization. With the H-7000V, you can play any LP issued before RIAA standardization at its correct equalization level!

    • Dual MC step-up transformers
    • LCR multi-curve equalization
    • All transformer coupled, no coupling capcitors
    • Zero negative feedback design
    • Equipped with the pure vacuum tubes
    • High speed, automatic voltage regulation

    The H-7000V’s beefy, masculine new chassis, with its optional rack handles and rocker ended sides, takes the H-3000’s already pleasing appearance to the status of cult object.

    The cosmetic differences are not the only changes. Mr. KS Park’s upgrades include the addition of refined output transformers, and additional magic to the multi gain step up transformers. These result in an ultra-high-performing, low noise, dynamic analog phono stage.

    The H-7000V also incorporates options exclusive to this new model. Two variations of the H-7000V are available. One has the traditional dual MC inputs with 4 level MC step up transformer boosted signals and a top gain of 74dB; the other one also has dual MC inputs, but one is for use with the 4 level MC step-up transformer, while the other is for use with a built-in CR (capacitor, resistor) circuit, electronic step-up.

    Sales of these units reflect a North American preference for the dual MC input using a 4 stage step-up transformer system, due to its higher gain and enhanced dynamics, while in other parts of the world some appear to appreciate the option with both transformer and electronic step-up. This really amounts to preferred taste in music and playback conditions.

    The H-7000V in the flesh is stunningly beautiful, with a beefy CNC milled aluminum main chassis and weighing in at 45 pounds. The hard to forget H-7000V features large power and permalloy nickel signal path transformers, multiple inputs (2 MM and 2 MC), NOS Mullard E810F gain tubes, and a power supply robust enough to satisfy all tube rollers’ frenzied shootouts and Saturday night trials. Excellent feedback on vintage rectifiers tried and liked are the RCA 5U4G, GEC U52, and the Mullard family of CV378 (both bottle shapes), CV37, and 5AR4. A big all-time favourite is the WE422A.

    Available for the same price in either anodized black or natural aluminum.

    A world class and coveted phono stage, the H-7000V is on its way to proving itself another Allnic Audio “FOREVER” product.

    • The H-7000V comes standard with dual transformer MC step-up inputs, plus two MM direct inputs. Also, as a world premier, three input modes are available upon request, fulfilling a long-time wish of vinyl lovers. The H-7000V can include a head-amplifier (pre-pre or electronic step up) MC input, a traditional step-up transformer MC input, and two MM direct inputs (you can, of course, connect your favorite step ups also). A variable impedance control for the MC inputs is included on the standard version with dual transformer step up MC inputs. The version with the electronic step-up has the transformer step-up MC input fixed at 47K ohms. The electronic step-up head-amp’s impedance is variable using supplied plug-in resistors.
    • LCR Multi-curve Equalization – This is also a world premier. Allnic’s Multi-curve LCR unit has 4 turn-over points (250Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz RIAA, and 700Hz) and 4 Roll-off points (-16dB, -13.7dB RIAA, -11dB and -5dB). This means you can enjoy playing any LP issued before RIAA standardization.
    • In addition, the H-7000V:
      • is all transformer coupled – no coupling capacitors
      • is a zero negative feedback design with only two active gain stages
      • is equipped with a pure vacuum tube, high speed, automatic voltage regulation circuit for both channels, and a power supply unit separate from the phono stage itself, for superior signal to noise ratio
      • has very high quality, wide frequency in-house MC step-up transformers
      • has pure balanced operation
      • operates in pure class A
      • uses 4 pentode E810F tubes in triode mode (please see its wonderful three factors, μ= 57, gm = 50,000 micro mho, and lowest resistance around 1 K ohms) for primary signal amplification. This tremendously beautiful tube drives our large, 100% Permalloy output transformer at 20mA of high current
      • has multiple rectifier tube options for the outboard power supply


    Die Allnic PhonoPres können bei mir (optional) mit dem Allnic ZL-5000 Netzkabel und dem Allnic Rose Tonabnehmer gehört werden.

    Wer an einem dieser Geräte Interesse hat und diese mal hören mag, kann gerne eine persönliche Vorführung im Kölner Westen mit mir absprechen oder aber den nächsten Workshop (2G am 4.12./5.12.2021) bei mir besuchen.

    Als Allnic Händler kann man bei mir natürlich auch die anderen Produkte des Herstellers bestellen oder, so beim Vertrieb vorrätig, auch anhören.




    wenn ich in den nächsten Wochen Zeit finde, werde ich zu den 3 Geräten auch noch einen etwas ausführlicheren Vergleich schreiben, dieser wird dann in einem separaten thread kommen, aber hier verlinkt werden.


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  • Zum 1.3.2022 sehen die Preise wie folgt aus:

    ALLNIC H- 5500 UVP 4.850,- eur

    ALLNIC H-6500 UVP 8.500,- eur

    ALLNIC H-7000 UVP 16.000,- eur

    ALLNIC H-7000v UVP 17.500,- eur

    somit sind die Corona Effekte berücksichtigt,

    die preislichen Auswirkungen der aktuellen Krise lassen aber eine kurzfristige weitere Preiserhöhung erwarten.




    Veranstalter musikalischer Events,
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