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    Now the Weather has returned to being a Little Cooler, I have been back to using the HiFi System and have given the DIGNA 1 the main role with a Bespoke Built Head Amp.

    WOW!!! no other explanation required.

    I agree with a SUT being perceived as adding a trait if richness to a Vinyl Chain.

    As an offset the Better Models of SUT, have the capability to project further out, adding Volume to a Soundstage, as well as offer a Balance across the frequency range, without any noticeable peaks from a certain frequency.

    The Script that is being created for the DIGNA within this Forum is almost at the place where it will be possible to attract the attention of a Hollywood Screen Play Writer.

    I can see it becoming a 'Epic Tale'.

    The Humble and Meek DIGNA who's Honesty and Incorruptible Nature, stands Strong against the Generals who assemble their Forces of Destruction, to release their worst and try and make the Vista for Vinyl Replays a Barron Uninviting Land.

    How is the Hype coming on ;)

    Ich schreibe auf Englisch über die DIGNA, da Interesse an ihr als Phonostage außerhalb Deutschlands besteht.

    Ich schreibe in diesem Forum auf Englisch über die DIGNA, da eine Websuche eine Person zu diesem Forum führt, wenn eine Suche eingerichtet wird.

    Englisch ist die universelle Sprache und wird für Nichtdeutsche sehr nützlich sein.

    Es gibt nicht viel, was ich diesem Forum hinzufügen kann, um das Forum in Bezug auf meine Erfahrungen mit der DIGNA zufriedenzustellen.

    Die DIGNA-Unterstützer werden dankbar sein, dass der Kredit verliehen wird und dass die positiven Berichte kontinuierlich fortgesetzt werden.

    Die Mitglieder, die mit vielen verfügbaren Werkzeugen gearbeitet haben, um die DIGNA zu diskreditieren, werden weiterhin Werkzeuge finden, um ihre Verfolgung fortzusetzen.

    Ein Posten in welcher Sprache auch immer, wird nur eine weitere Kohle sein, die ihrem Kohlenbecken hinzugefügt wird.

    Ein langer beschreibender Beitrag, der sich auf die Werte konzentriert, wird einer neugierigen Neuen Anfrage viel mehr nützen.

    Ich hoffe, dass diese neuen Anfragen schnell die Bitterkeit erkennen, die hinter den Beiträgen von Mitgliedern steckt, die das Mr. Nixie-Modell, das DIGNA, nicht ertragen können.

    Look at that, A English to German Translation.

    Whilst Seeking out the Mr Nixie - DIGNA - Thread, to add this update on my recent experiences, I was quite pleased to see it is now a 63 Page Thread.

    When I first discovered the original version of the DIGNA and through revisiting the information available, I become compelled with the Design and expressed an interest.

    The want to experience the DIGNA was born from the usual attitude I express, where I am willing to go of the ' well beaten track ' to see what is out there. being produced by the obscure side of the HiFi Community.

    Occasionally one of the many fleas, will climb the hair on the dogs back, to see the world beyond the confines of the safe and comfortable place that is always available to be occupied.

    With the DIGNA now avaialble to found in a selection of locations when carrying out a search, along with the 63 pages available on this forum is an exceptional growth in discussion and interest.

    It certainly gives an interested party a opportunity to fully assess the Merits being reported of the DIGNA in a Variety of systems, using a Broad Genre of Music on Vinyl

    Was requesting a Home Trial of the DIGNA a wild abandoned Punt?

    Yes it was.

    Was the understanding of the Career and Adeptness of the Engineer / Designer a contributing factor to my want to make inquiries and the follow up of acquiring the DIGNA?

    Yes it was.

    After owning the DIGNA since Late 2018 / Early 2019, is it still offering an impression that is satisfying to my personal preferences?

    Read the following:

    For approximately one Year I was without the DIGNA in my System.

    It was loaned shortly prior to the COVID Lockdown to a friend who is familiar with it,

    and the DIGNA was the Phonostage, that my friend was wishing to use with their New Acquired Vinyl Replay Set Up.

    The DIGNA was dropped off at another more local friend (anothher DIGNA admirer) and eventually made its way to the system it was to be used on.

    COVID did its thing and I did not receive the DIGNA back until earlier this year.

    The following is two very recent experiences unertaken by myself that relate to the DIGNA

    Only a few weeks ago I got to listen to the Vinyl Chain the DIGNA was loaned to and in use for one year.

    The Now One Year Old,

    Technics SP10R> 12 "GLanz > Miyajima MC proved to be an awsome Vinyl Set Up and very much to my liking.

    During the Demonstration the DIGNA was referred to on occasions, and it was the view of the System owner that the Phonostages that they had chosen to be in use on this occasion of a demonstration, are at the levels that are needed to get to the position where it is perceived there is a noticeable improvement over the DIGNA.

    As this individual was the most familiar with the DIGNA in their system, I accept their judgement.

    The Two Phonostages in use during the Demonstration of the SP10R, was a on

    'Home Trial' , Bespoke Built 'All Valve' Phonostage, that the Designer / Builder is asking £ 5000 to produce.

    The user was assessing it to see if they wished to purchase it, and to identify with any areas for it to be modified to suit their preferences. (This Bespoke Model, is intended to be exhibited at Munich Hi End Show)

    The other model on the 'Home Trial' will be easier to locate for a demonstration as it is a Phasemation EA-350.

    In my mind it is quite pleasing to feel that my support to a friend has shown them a Phonostage, that has caused them to consider a much wider search and the recognition that outlaying a substantial amount of added funds, is required to discover a Performance that can be referred to as improved over the DIGNA.

    The DIGNA was when returned to myself. received without Valves, as I had authorized the DIGNAto be modified to use E88CC Valves,

    during another previous short term loan.

    The E88CC valves were rolled from this family in the DIGNA.

    The Valve that was reported tohave really shone during Tube Rolling was a Vintage Mullard E88CC-01.

    Not too long ago I was fortunate to receive Two 'NOS' Matched '-01' Tubes, that measured to a very high standard for a Sixty Year Old Tube.

    I did attempt to use the DIGNA earlier than this most recent occassion, but was having bad luck with New Stock Valve Purchases.

    New Stock Valves that were sold as Matched Pairs, during the follow up Valve Testing was showing very concerning conditions on tested Matched Pairs, and these were rejected.

    Prior to the most recent usage of the DIGNA,

    I have attended a few other HiFi related social gatherings, and have been kindly offered the loan of a few Models of DIY Produced

    Head Amp's, to trial in the Home System.

    These Head Amp's have been used as a Comparison with my Hashimoto HM-3 SUT.

    My Cinemag 1254 SUT was exchanged as a Loan Item to be compared to a Balanced Version of the DIY Head Amp's, so it has not been available for these demonstrations / comparisons.

    The initial use of the above devices was with my owned Bespoke Built 'All Valve' Phonostage.

    (Similar to the above referenced Model, but built to have a presentation to match with my unique preferences for a Sound Quality)

    The Head Amp's worked extremely well with my Phon 'and one was close in the Performance to the Hashimoto, where the Sonic Characters of each might have only been the differences being pereived.

    Overall the impression left from this has been extremely positive.

    On Saturday 03/07/21, I reintroduced the DIGNA to my System, it was adorned with the

    ' -01' Tubes and was used to reproduce the same demonstration/comparisons with the Head Amp's > and SUT and additionally the Built In MC Stage.

    The built in MC was not performing in a manner that I recollected it could.

    In comparison to the recollection of the other demonstrations recently undertaken, the MC Stage was being perceived as falling quite short.

    I tweaked the DIPs but could not produce a sound quality that was near to the previous presentations.

    More familiarity with the DIGNA might have allowed myself to produce a better Built In MC Stage Interface.

    Using the Head Amp's showed a very different performance and one that was very welcome.

    Comparing the Head Amp's to the Hashimoto was quite interesting as one was noticeably different, much more so than when used during previous experience.

    The other Head Amp had excelled and was an exceptional partnering to the DIGNA.

    When compared to the Hashimoto, there was hair of a Difference, but a Trait of the DIGNA > Head Amp that was very noticeable, was the Transparency, the Hashimoto was perceived as being coloured in comparison.

    I do not recollect such a noticeable transparency when used in the previous experience.

    I was so impressed by this new to myself Trait that I was compelled to continue in a Sound Stage of Transparency created by the DIGNA> Head Amp for a few more albums.

    When using the DIGNA with the Head Amp's and Hashimoto.

    I can not recollect one moment where I felt it was falling short in any area of the performance, when recollecting the performances of the Two Demonstrations using the Two Different Phonostages.

    Producing different permutations of Ancillary Devices in a Vinyl Set Up can produce very different results, and in some cases these can prove to be very much for the better.

    I will reserve the A/B Comparisons of the Two Phonostages for another occasion when there is a Theme for a Meeting and there are guests invited and able to share their thoughts on the Comparison Demonstrations.

    Apologies for the Long Post : sorry:

    I own Three Pairs of 57's.

    In the UK these have been found quite cheap.

    The Companies that will specialise in working on a Quad ESL 57 will have reserve parts in stock and if I have been correct in my understanding of the process, they usually exchange parts from one Speaker, ie, Treble Panel or Bass Panel, with a pre-prepared part.

    This means a Speaker might not be returned with the exact same parts that have been sent ??

    But are supplied with a overhauled part that measures to a certain specification.

    The Bulk of the fees being charged are usually very much a large proportion of man hours.

    If a perforation has developed into the Stators Film Covering than a Arcing can occur.

    My speaker were purchased very shortly after a Full Quad Service had been undertaken.

    Receipts had been supplied with the speakers from Quad to show the servicing undertaken.

    Many years later I removed the front grills and discovered Sellotape over a perforations in the film covering the stator.

    I believe this was a Quad Fix ??

    This has been used as a known quick fix on 57's with the film perforated.

    My Speakers did not appear to suffer due to it as a used method.

    If the speakers are left to lose their charge.

    The grill mesh can be removed, and an inspection can be carried out.

    If a perforation is discovered, there is a quick fix if wished to use it.

    If it is to remain as a permanent fix will be a decision that will need to be made.

    A Method to Clean the Film and a Hoover will be useful as their is a lot of Dust Attracted to the inners of the 57's.

    Once one is cleaned there will be a compelling allure to clean the other speaker.

    The removal of the Grills in not such a big task.

    The Link will supply you with a very valuable information.

    I've bought this one within a few minutes of hearing about this Girl's Ordeal.

    Hat's off to her Character, she has my vote and support in her music career.

    A phonostage needs a good run in before it can be properly assessed for the performance on offer.

    A reverse RIAA Device used with a Repeat Play CD is one way to hear great CD's and get many hours on the Phonostage with salvaging the hours of Cartridge use.

    This is the method I was encouraged to adopt, and I can highly recommend it.

    For the bulk of the purchasers of electronic devices used to produce replays of pre recorded music.

    The ones who take it seriously are following their enthusiasm for High Fidelity and have their ears as the Judge for the selection of a device and usually their Wife as a Judge, as to whether it is to be purchased.

    There are not many who do the math, as the reson to purchase.

    In some cases, more than likely many many cases, the math is wanting, but the device is enthuiastically sought by an end user.

    A Panzerholz Armored Wood Side Panel, would potentially have a further benefit, even more proven as a material for the purpose than the ones suggested earlier that were only speculation.

    Page Three of the Link will show how useful it will be against the minority of members on this forum, who are slowly going through the items listed on Page 3.

    Using them to their wildest abandon, to do their best to destroy the DIGNA reputation.

    When a device becomes a classic which the DIGNA has elevated itself to, no establishment is going to destroy it.

    The population make the decision not the authorities, this is happening here right under the noses for all to see.

    Think of Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols and the DIGNA has now controversially gained a similar place of idolitary standing on this forum, with a continuation of growing interest from the Forums Members and Visitors.…_Protection_System_EN.pdf

    This week in the UK, I was able for a first time in many months visit a Home to a arranged HiFi Group Social get together with my local HiFi Group.

    I shared some of the amusing things that have happened to myself within the thread.

    I also made it known the DIGNA is being questioned by a small group, which from my understanding there is a intent to Poo Poo it.

    Either for an assessment of a performance or the aesthetic.

    I also made it known I suspect that there are criticis whos ears have not heard it or have not seen it other than in a photo image.

    The Local Group were only extremely complimentary of their time having access to the DIGNA as an extended loan, they can't wait to hear it adorned with the New Vintage Valves acquired.

    One Member who was the carer of the DIGNA for a bulk of the loan, was aghast at the knowledge the DIGNA was receiving such undeserved attacks.

    A small curiosity to be expressed.

    I am wondering if a Panzerholz Side Wall that can also function a Footer as well a aesthetic finish will have the influence that can produce a improvement.

    As Panzerholz has very well reported properties for managing Mechanical and Kinetic Energy it is encountering.

    The damping and dissipation of transferred energy is renowned in certain groups.

    The Wheel Goes Around

    This Happened in the UK in the Late 90's and Early 00's.

    Far Eastern Buyers were purchasing Valve Equipment and Garrard 401's and 301's in mass quantities.

    The Thorens Idler Drive was not too far behind as the New Fad to purchase.

    The Goldring Lenco saved the Idler Drive Market in Europe with the fair prices and promising credentials.