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    Hi Oliver

    It looks like you have a few Pearls of Wisdom you would like to share,

    I would be keen to know the ' how to ' to achieve a better selection of Russian Valve.

    I tried out a 6SN7 Russian E equivalent in another device without great success,

    even though after inItial warm up, it had my full attention, but shortly after the sound quality diminished fast.

    This is a Valve I have seen for sale, and have contacted the Vendor.

    I am yet to receive a reply to my request for the Payment Details.

    I do not believe these to be the Holy Grail, as They are Usually seen with a high purchase price.

    Are the Holy Grail 1973 ?

    I've taken part in numerous comparisons of Audio Devices,

    Cartridges, Phonostages, Amp's, Valves, Components and Cables.

    Some just a couple of items A / B comparisons and others with up to 10+ items in the line up.

    I have formed a view that if a difference in a presentation is to be found as the goal,

    it will be discovered.

    It takes time to assess the value of the difference being noticed.

    With a closely performing devices, to separate each for their merits, is not always immediate, so A / B over a few hours will only usually show a difference only.

    I also am always willing when the session suits, to allow a device used in the line up of auditions to run on longer when in use.

    It is off interest to see how quick a group carrying out assessments, will just relax down and forget their analytical projection, when changes are not being made to a device in use after a short duration.

    It is nice to see that a device under scrutiny and that could be offered a critical appraisal is offering a stimulating pleasurable listening experience, when allowed to remain unchanged.

    Personally I have got to the point where I do not assess for differences as the basis for the assessment, but what is able to offer the most satisfying sound, this is a very individual experience, each to their own.

    When assessing for differences, the assessors will usually agree to the differences being noticed, but struggle to agree on devices offering a satisfying sound, as a result of each assessors individual preferences.

    Hello Oliver

    I have enjoyed your user report and can see the DIGNA has made a good impression on you.

    I am pleased that you have made it known how good the Mains Filter is for improving the performance when used with the Phonostage.

    I have a Mains Filter sent to me by a Friend that is to be used.

    How close the DIGNA and your Moon 110LP compared will be your experience, and this can not be questioned.

    The outcome from your comparison was not enough to remove from your 'go to'

    Modified Phonostage.

    I am pleased to hear this, and that your carefully selected choices are solid and being kept

    for the pleasure/attraction they create.

    On my investigations of Phasemation Cartridges, there is a few who have a broad experience of MC's and will define the sound quality as in keeping with the best known Japanese Designed Cartridges.

    I would think of those that are produced by the Excel Group for other Brands will be a good pointer.

    An Audiophile is a Individual who when the Latin word Audio (Hear Sound) and Phila (Love of - Enthusiast ) are referenced it would seem a Audiophile is a 'Sound Enthusiast', or one who has a 'Love for Hearing sound'.

    I have this Love of Hearing Sound satisfied by enjoying the creativity of a musician, firstly by meeting them in a venue to watch them perform , this is my basic goal.

    Hearing them on a HiFi System is the convenient method to maintain an interaction with a Musicians Work.

    We can't see them all in the flesh at a Venue.

    I am fortunate as this fundamental, has kept me focused on learning more about music available, other than the Science and Technology used to produce Electronic Devices.

    I get great pleasure out of meeting those who have shown a adeptness at producing Electronic Devices and go out of my way to share time with Builders of all Devices to be used in a HiFi system.

    I personally view this as a step away from the Audiophile experience, as I am interested in the Individuals creativity with the Electronics, even though the Devices being produced are all there to aid in producing Sound.

    Hearing how a device can represent itself as conjuring a imagination that leaves a impression of a Honest Portrayal is of importance to me, and my interpretation is very personal, others will have their own assessment.

    I see many of the contributors in the DIGNA Thread are like minded to myself, they are Sound Enthusiast's who have Heard a Sound, they are very enthusiastic for, and the Device in use has been granted a Merit and Support.

    There are other contributors that are 'to me' only interested in the Science and Technology and are distracted by this endeavor , these individuals when zoned in on challenging the Science, are not able to express the Audiophile's enjoyment of discovering a sound did is captivating.

    I'm not a Electronics Engineer and do not pretend to have a comprehensive understanding.

    I know a little bit about the venue owner, and there is a lot of attention given to the Mains Conditioning, Power Cables Power Supplies that are used.

    This event is attended by individuals responsible for producing Branded HiFi Devices that are known in the UK and further a field.

    Other in attendance are known builders of recognised highly sought after devices who take on commission work, very adept DIY Builders and the HiFi Media are present.

    That is a lot of interest in a HiFi Clubs Meeting.

    The venue owner is known for his take no prisoners attitude.

    I feel very sure there was a positive impression made on the Venue Owner, and there were words of encouragement offered to attempt to improve on the performance.

    To attend this Days event was a 500+ Kilometre round trip, so it is nice to travel home with a recognition for a device that has been brought for a audition.

    I won't name Phonostages but offer a experience I have taken part in.

    The DIGNA has been to Two Phonostage Bake O ff's with me.

    The first was at a venue in Penkridge with 10+ exhibitors.

    The Exhibits were a Line Up of DIY and Company Brands.

    Made up of Solid State, Valve Hybrid, All Valve.

    Price range of exhibits from £600ish to £ 4000 +

    The DIGNA sits very well in the £ 2000 to £ 4000 price range of all the Circuits in use.

    After the DIGNA has been auditioned, there were enquiries being made about it by other attendees, and that said quite a lot, as this was not seen with other exhibits.

    Certain attendees were very impressed by the cost and the performance on offer.

    At another venue in Huddersfield at a venue with an extremely expensive resident system,

    there were approximately 15 Exhibits, that were similar assembly to the Line UP above.

    Again the Price Range was varied from £400 to £ 10,000

    The DIGNA sat right at home in the £ 3000 + Price Range, it was b ettered by other Phon's but these were ones that were going to compete with a £ 10,000 Model.

    Compliment for me on this day, was the venue owner, who does not appraise freely, spoke to me and said 'that the Phonostage is very interesting, and will be of more interest if you do something with the Power Supply '.

    Not bad appraisal from a man who has access to £100 000 + HiFi Devices.

    The system at this venue allowed the DIGNA to show its capability to compare to high priced Phonostages.

    In my view it met these other models with a very good preparation.

    I left this venue very happy.

    I recall with the Burson 6 Vivid that the Bass was varied during the Burn In, only becoming consistent after about the 100 Burn in Recommendation. also informed there is another Burson Model that has a little more Bloom, but this is not my

    go to SQ.

    A friend who modified the DIGNA to receive other Valves was keen to try Op Amp Rolling,

    once the Tube Selection was discovered during the Tube Rolling experience.

    My experience is that the DIGNA does not do Bass Bloom, it is taut and decays with an honesty, that feels correct to myself.

    I.once discussed on behalf of Jurgen a concern raised by a UK customer.

    The Customer was a 1960's Valve Circuit Enthusiast, and only wanted overbearing bass.

    This was not available from the DIGNA and the Customer was of the opinion all designs should have such an overbearing presence.

    Additionally the DIGNA to my ears is a little lean in the Mid's and Highs and Transparent.

    This only become apparent during periods when the DIGNA was entered into Bake Offs,

    and certain costlier Phonostages were capable of showing a difference in the presentation.

    I have discovered a rarely available tube, that allows a little extra weight throughout the frequency range, but these are very rare as matched pairs, and the asking price for the early production models is quite high.

    Valve Nirvana is a risky business, patience and Caveat Emptor is the requirement for the buyer.


    I have heard the DIGNA bettered by other Phono's, that have been compared in a non owned system, but to move on to a position where the differences are to be found without questions, does come at a 'much increased cost'.

    Oliver, the DIGNA I, I own needed about 100 hours of settlement.

    I was advised this by a person who has used Burson for a long period of time,

    if I recall they had also been beta testers of a few versions.

    Give your new DiGNA a run in period, to allow it to find a place.

    I am not familiar with the Burson replacement in a latest DiGNA.

    Tube rolling on a DIGNA is a very interesting experience, I am a E88CC Convert.

    Fortunately the E88CC used for Tube Rolling were supplied by a friend with a vast collection of tubes.

    There were a few mixed comments from the audience on a few Brands, but when one Brand went in it was a across the audience agreement that there was a clear winner.

    Unfortunately the ideal E88CC discovered during my tube rolling is near unobtainable at a fair price .

    I will be sticking with using the very good early 1960's Siemens, which were beaten by a Valve Length into Second Place, whilst dreaming of the lucky find.

    When Companies are putting £ 1000 prices on Cartridge Tag Wires,

    up to a £ 12000 + Price for Cartridges and the same again on a Tonearm.

    The asking Price of £ 30000 - £ 50000 for a Turntable will appear a acceptable request as a comparison.

    I have not had an audition of the Thales TT , so could not offer a comment on the performance.

    I am interested to understand the Modern Design Conception used to produce it.

    I would be happy to hear one correctly set up and functioning.

    More so, I would like to hear one compared to much more affordable TT's to assist with making a judgment on the overall performance.

    Footers will also show a improvement when the Sub Plinth Material is also considered.

    This extends the Subject but the Footer is best mounted on a Material that works for it and the listener.

    These type of investigations into producing a fine tuned attenuation, are effected by the environment, and as a result become personal and unique to a individual.

    Setting aside the time to carry out trials with differing Sub Plinth Materials quickly show rewards, both as attractors and detractors.

    The Footers can be brought into the Trials as this evolves.

    Thank You for your support with my enquiry.

    The Linlai Brand are making their Marketing Intention for the Products on offer to be quite appealing to a Customer.

    The user reviews of the products are not so common, but this should start to change, and if all works out, reports should align with the Marketing Intention.

    My interest lies in the 845 Tube, of which I will require a Matched Quad.

    I have Tube Rolled the Signal Valves on the Monoblock Power Amp's and have Low Hours usage 845 Billington Golds in use at present.

    I am not in a rush to make a change, but feel tempted to pursue a 845 Tube Exchange,

    Post COVID, when everything is looking to become more settled economically.

    It is easy for a Purchaser to focus on the Linlai Brand, their choice of words is designed to appeal.

    As stated, there is limited user reports of the products, that align with the wording.

    Linlai Home Page is making the statements as follows:

    Linlaitube factory store this store tubes are from linlaitube factory warehouse enjoy precision matching warranty 15 months free mail service to buy Tubes bearing LinLaitube are engineered, produced and carefully screened to exclusively meet western music listeners’ preference:

    LinLaitube are engineered, produced and carefully screened to exclusively meet music listeners’ preference:

    1) Aim to a very high degree of faithful reproduction of western music instruments, such as piano, acoustic and electric guitar, acoustic and electric bass / double bass, kick drums etc, which are common in western recordings but not as common in Asian music;

    2) Create live-like sound image width and depth, and offer realistic balance across high, mid and bass frequencies, without exaggerating the ultra high frequencies (much of Asian music does focus more ultra high’s and Asian audiophiles are accustomed to such a type of sound).

    LINLAI sets its goal to become a ‘Boutique High Value (i.e. Performance to Price Ratio)’tube brand – not a FACTORY giant, but a BRAND which represents quality, consistency, and solid after-sale service. Too many ‘made in China’ is just a factory but without soul as a brand. LINLAI aims to be different from that crowd.

    Yes the Wine Tasting is a very good analogy.

    It is impossible to taste the wine, but it is possible to learn of a product.

    But ! , the showcasing through the video, offers the possibility to discover a Product that can be off interest to a certain type of person, which can then lead on to a product to be sought after and sampled.

    Only then would the 'truth' be revealed for the individual.

    Fortunately in general a Few Bottles of Wine will cost about the Price of a Vinyl Purchase, so this is a affordable pursuit.

    Totally in keeping with this thread, as the use of video media for showcasing a product to the wider community, and attempting to produce a curiosity in some , that stimulates a individual,

    to pursuing an opportunity to experience a new Wine Tasting encounter is the fundamental purpose.

    HiFi Video, usually are a visual of system with very little narration from a presenter as a description, if popular, there can be many viewpoints to be revealed in the follow up up comments, of how the assessment left a impression.

    Wine Tasting usually comes with a narration that is a very articulate description of the samples being tasted, offered by the Presenter.

    The assessments are then evaluated by watcher, and a lot will depend on how much the Presenter is trusted in their getting the correct information across.

    It is a flawed method in many ways, but when times are like the present, extremely restrictive to having a interaction at leisure, these videos that reach out, are becoming very well received and are no doubt growing in trend.

    If it is 'Burn In Time' that is required.

    A method used by myself is to use a Cheap CD Player> Reverse RIAA Device> Phonostage.

    This will allow long term music supplied by the CD player.

    It can be listened to as the usual listening methods, or can be set up as a background music and using repeat replays to Burn In the Phonostage.

    I have been in shock at how good a Cheap CD Player can sound using this method, plus all the advantages of Burning In a Phonostage and saving on Cartridge Wear.

    I am under no illusion how the presentation of Audio Devices being heard in a Youtube Video through a Laptop will be very limiting in its attempt to allow for a 'being there' experience.

    I am sure a set up with headphones and other tech to improve the sound quality will offer the best replay, but even though a very limited insight, to the experience of 'being there'.

    My own use of Youtube over the past months in the manner that is being promoted in this thread, has been to partake in new encounters with offerings from like minded individuals.

    I can hear differences in the presentations, with my only evaluation being whether the performance is one I would like to hear replicated in a room with a similar arrangement of equipment.

    I am not a purchaser of audio equipment anymore, I have my end system.

    I support the HiFi world at present financially by Purchasing Music and buying the odd device to experience as a change to an interface, ie Valves, Cables, Footers, Cartridge Tag Wires.

    As someone who likes to attend a variety of HiFi enthusiast events during a year, and have a social interaction as the fundamental for the attendance,

    the present times have removed this opportunity with a gusto.

    As a result, finding another way to communicate has been sought and this method being covered in this thread has been regularly adopted.

    My local HiFi Group are also communicating in this manner with supplying items of interest through Youtube or New Discovered Artists.

    It is not limited and can be found across all forums.

    The 'truth is' these presentations lack a lot of what a HiFi Enthusiast is searching for, as the Sound Quality that is desired is off a very limiting factor.

    There is also another 'truth', a HiFi Enthusiast is curious and is regularly having excursions to see if the Grass is Greener 'elsewhere', it is an undeniable part of the experience.

    These Windows supplied through the Youtube footage into 'elsewhere' have the capability to supply a content for the curious, and with the present times, they are good for keeping safe.

    The Tekton Ulf's have received likes and also revived a Older Thread on this forum.

    So as an initial assessment, it is seeming like there can be further content to be added to satisfy the curiosity of the Wider Audiences.

    I'm sure Jurgen could WOW! us all with some Needle Drops of his Cartridge Auditions.

    I have visited the Tekton Presentation on a few occasions today.

    They are of real interest to me, and hopefully there might be a pair become available for a

    'in the flesh' audition in the future, to fully understand how they can perform.

    At present the Ulf' Model is $9000 direct from Tekton.