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    And what was wrong with yours if i may ask? And who did the repair? I read that this mysterious Mister Baier isn't there anymore...

    This can be the result of many different things (antiskating, tracking force, input gain of (pre)amplifier behind the Omtec). Maybe there is a damaged component inside of one of your devices after your try and error. Main question - how does it sounds at all, except the little distortion?

    It sounds good, very clear and clean sound with some more bass than i used to have. I think that antiskting, tracking forse or even azimuth could be the problem too. It's possible that with this Omtec I just hear more faults than on/threw the Musical Fidelity and maybe this situation was always present.

    This isn't the first version of Omtec Antares. You have to switch all the dip switches off. If any of those is turned on, gain is to much for MM-Cartridges like your Nagaokas. But notice (very important): any changes only while the Antares is turned off. Otherwise following devices or loudspeakers can be damaged

    And that is what i did wrong, i kept all on. Very soft, but did while changing.

    Hope that i didnt damaged something...

    Thing is, when i got it, it was turned: 1 on, 6 on.

    Than, didn't knew yet, i changed the shifts while soft playing. Didn't knew all had to be silent or even turned off.

    Could this what i dead resolved in this 'cracky' sound? It's not constanty offcourse, but in very high trebble it there. With sax's, flutes, strings.


    you have a CP1i V2(1999), for MM all dips off !

    Ok if two says so, i will. Thank to you all!

    And the bit shallow sound? My left speaker can't handle it very well, sounds like something is played on very high volume, bit hard to explain, but with the Musical fidelity it wasn't.

    Can also be the case that this preamplifier just shows bad records, worn records, and the MF applied a sort of 'sauce'

    Hello everybody,

    First of all this is a fantastic forum, with very good info. My german isn't that good so i write in English, hop you don't mind. I do can read in German quite well.

    I bought a Omtec Antares CP-1 (generation i don't know but its the black one with the blue paint, and VGA cables) and now trying to make it work well.

    I noticed that the volume is very high on my MM cartridge (Nagaoka mp-300 and mp-500) and am wondering if i do something wrong. The Nagaoka wants 47Ohm, and in the manual they suggest to press number 1 on the DIP. It's so loud that i can easy listen on only 10% on my volume. Bass is quite heavy. Also, with for instance a trumpet, it sounds very shallow, shrill almost, with piano also and with chamber music you can hear a lot of detail, but also a bit harsh sounding things. Also, records that sounded very clean and good now sound bad. Not bad, but instantly i can hear scratches i didnt hear before with the MF's.

    Former preamp was a Musical Fidelity v-LpsII with a V-PSUII. Total diffrent sound.

    Anybody a sugestion to get the most out of this pre amp?