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    Super Linear Cathode Follower (SLCF)

    In his book, Allen is asked by someone whether he uses Cathode Followers. When he answers 'sometimes yes' his questioner turns his nose up. But Cathode Followers do provide the low output impedance that is often needed, especially on the main output of pre-amps. But they have sonic problems: They loose information. If you are using a good Single Ended power amp (I say 'good' as all SE amps are not created equal) or something equally revealing, then the loss is crucial.

    Introducing the SLCF: An improved Cathode Follower that leaves many of it brethren behind. It is fed in a Constant Current mode and the follower element (triode) works in Constant Voltage mode due to bootstrap fitted. See Allen's book for further analysis. A 'mu' follower or SRRP could also have be considered. It seems a good idea since it overcomes short-comings in Cathode Followers but has higher output impedance.

    Recent experiments show that the SLCF is sonically W*A*Y better than SRPP.

    Aus dem AudioAsylum ein technisches Bulletin:…undcraftsmen%2Bvs%2Badcom

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