advice needed regarding braun EC1020 tuner

  • HI,

    I am going to buy 1020 tuner, without hearing it. I know i liked telefunken stt-1 warm sound, especially on the mid-lower mid bass, and figured that German made tuners from that 70-80 era has the same sound characteristic. I have not heard lot of tuners, i do however run high sensitivity lowther speakers with se 2a3 amps and tend to search for warm transistor tuner rather than tube one.

    Can some of the members share their experience with the braun tuner, is it on the same line as the telefunken/grunding tuners? do you know what kind of opamps it has/ any recommended upgrades?

    thanks for your time answering ,

    eran :thumbup:

  • Hi Eran,

    I would guess the CE/CES1020 not very common. If you are interested in detailes try to find the schematics.

    As the 1020 is an early seventies design I would guess that there are no opamps.

    Before thinking of any upgrades be aware that aligning (and maybe even repair) is the most important thing with old tuners.

    Good luck


  • Hi Eran,

    the IF of the Tuner CE1020 have good little LC-Filters and early opamps SFC6012 in a consequently design. The HF-Parts of the Braun Receivers Regie CEV520/510 are almost the same and my both CEV sounds good. There are no much problems known with the simple SFC6011/6012, also I dont know an äquivalent and better opa.

    I have heard and aligned some old tuners and mean the 1020/510 was very good in their time.

    Good luck